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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yankees 7 – Mets 3

Mets Play Game Without a Cleanup Hitter

A.J. Burnett was about to unravel early tonight. Reyes, Murphy and Beltran loaded the bases with no outs in the first inning for the cleanup hitter! A ball in the gap or a Grand Slam would have buried the fragile Burnett. Sorry, Mets Blob forgot - the Mets played the game without a cleanup hitter. A cleanup hitter strides to the plate looking to do damage. A cleanup hitter stares the wounded pitcher down and puts fear in his heart. A cleanup hitter means business. Instead, Mets Fans were treated to the sight of Jason Bay wandering to the plate with his head down like he was searching for loose change. Bay looked more than half-asleep tonight.

Terry Collins should have called timeout and ordered a Double Espresso for Bay from Corlis, the hot Yankee Hostess that works the first base boxes.
Yankee hostess Corlis with Wfan's Boomer and Carton. Nice to see Boomer hasn't lost his NFL grip.
Sure it would have run him about $37.50 but it might have been worth the investment. Maybe the caffeine jolt would have added a few feet to the pop fly Bay lofted to Swisher in medium right field. Sure, Reyes tagged up and scored but Murph had no chance to advance from second to third.

Justin Turner got the 2nd Mets run home with a two out hit but what could have been a big inning was destroyed by Jason BayJason Bay has killed the Mets all year. He killed the Mets again tonight. Mets Blob wonders why Jason Bay gets a free pass in New York. George Foster and Bobby Bonilla were never this bad and they were killed in the press and booed mercilessly. It seems pretty black and white to us.

The rest of the game comes down to Chris Capuano who got lit up by the Yankees, yielding four homeruns. Chris has given the Mets all he has. It just wasn’t his night.

Jose Reyes had three more hits. Reyes leads Major League Baseball in base hits and multi-hit games. He also continues to play Gold Glove shortstop.

Mets Blob would like to put in a wakeup call for Sandy “No-Money Ball” Alderson:

Pedro Beato set a Mets record going 18.2 innings without giving up an earned run. Pedro spoke earlier in the week about how much he hates the Yankees. Mets Blob digs Pedro Beato.

* Turner's RBI today broke a Met record for rookies. It was his 7th consecutive game with a RBI. Thank you Justin.

Moon Unit Mike goes for the series win Sunday @ 1:05pm


  1. The Baywatch photo you've got is giving Jason way too much credit. You've got him flaunting Double D's. From what we've seen he's clearly more Double A.

    Though, to your credit, 'Jason Bay' and 'huge bust' have become synonymous.