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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Ecstatically Happy Nightcap

The Mets Reach the .500 mark
Mets Pitching dominated the Yankees tonight. R.A. Dickey led the way going 6 strong innings for the win. Mike O’Conner was strong in the 7th and Izzy toyed with Yanks in the 8th. K-Rod was dominant, needing only 10 pitches for another bing, bang, boom save.

Terry Collins did not go crazy with lefty/righty matchups tonight. Way to go Terry.  If you can pitch…you can pitch. The lefty/righty, change pitchers every batter, Tony LaRussa garbage is overdone and has been overdone for years.
Fernando Martinez and Justin Turner Overdrive hit, two out, back to back doubles in the 4th inning to plate the Mets first run. Daniel Murphy deposited a Homerun into the Little League porch in Right Field in the 6th to give the Mets the lead.
Jose Reyes made a game saving play with two out and two on in the 5th inning, diving on the outfield grass behind second base and gunning out The Cheating Slime (aka, A-Hole) at first.

Daniel Murphy cost Jose an error earlier in the inning with awful footwork at first base. Mets Blob wonders how Murphy has gotten this far in his career without having a clue in the field. Any time the ball comes near him, Murph starts to shuffle his feet like he is putting out a brush fire. But we sure are happy Murph made up for it by going yard for the go ahead run.
You bet those are real implants in that Canadian.
Jason Bay, the 65 million dollar man, continues to suck. He batted in the cleanup spot tonight and went 0 for 4, leaving 3 runners on base. Mets Blob is keeping an eye on Bay and will continue to put the spotlight on him until he resembles a Major League hitter.
GAME 2 Saturday @ 7:10pm
From the house that Ruth had nothing to do with!

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