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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Captain & Cashman are back together!

Will love keep them together?
Jorge to me one more time!

OMG! Mets Blob loves Yankee drama! The Captain and Cashman have made up once again! Jeter was caught straying from his Captainly duties to cover for his old jilted lover, Jorge Posada. Jorge was insecure and not feeling pretty about his .160 AVG and refused to play when Joe Girardi batted him 9th in the Yankee lineup.

"What does Brian have that I don't, Derek?...sniff, sniff."
When Mrs. Posada tried to cover for Jorge on twitter, saying that he was injured rather than jilted by Girardi, Derek got caught in a front office rundown with Queen bitch Cashman.
Laura Posada is definitely a looker, but Mets Blob suggests that she cover her lady parts instead of covering for her husband.
Dynasty Shmynasty!
In the end, the Yankees will throw Jorge, Derek, and Mariano out like trash. If they could do it to Babe Ruth, you know that bitch Cashman will do it to the Yankee core players from the 90's-and probably sometime soon.

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