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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mets blow a tight game

Mets fall 2-1 to Fish in 11 innings
Igarashi, Terry & the Front Office blow game for the Mets

• Terry over managed a 1-1 game in the bottom of the ninth like a drunk Tony LaRussa. The Blob thinks the righty vs. righty, lefty vs. lefty thing often goes too far, and managers lose sight of the game right in front of them. That's what Terry did tonight when he had Turner on 2nd base with no outs in the bottom of the 9th. 

     First, Pridie failed to bunt Turner over to third. Now that's on Pridie for not getting the bunt down. But the next few moves by the Collins' brain trust were ridiculous over management in it's highest form. Terry bats Josh Thole for Ronnie Paulino. This was so Ronnie didn't have to face a righty in a game he started against JOSH JOHNSON, one of the best right handed pitchers in baseball! With first base open, Thole gets walked. The Fish would have walked anybody- no need to burn up your bench in a tight game. Remember the bench is already down a man because of David Wright who is not on the DL yet, but will be Tuesday morning. 
     So what does Terry do next? Bats F-Mart in the pitchers spot using another bench player. F-Mart grounds into a fielder's choice, and Turner moves to third. With 2 down and runners on 1st and 3rd, Jose Reyes gets intentionally walked. Thank God Jose switch hits cause who knows how Terry would have handled that one! 
     The Marlins now bring in a Lefty to face Harris, and Terry tries to out smart the Fish with his empty bench once more and bat Hu for Harris. Who? Yes, Hu. We are not huge Harris fans here at Mets Blob, but we do feel Harris is more a pro in this spot and would hit him over Hu with 2 outs and bases loaded in the 9th. Lefty pitching or not. Hu grounded into a fielder's choice, and that was that. 
With two on and two out in the 11th inning, reliever Burke Badenhop worked a full count before knocking the go-ahead run in with a single off Igarashi. The Blob gives a lot of credit to Badenhop for knowing how much Igarashi sucks. Even though Badenhop had not had an AB in over two years, it did not affect his confidence at the plate. He worked a count, took a hack, and got himself (the pitcher of record) the go ahead run. 
     Igarashi threw a first pitch breaking ball and could not find the plate before giving up the hit. Kids, when you have a 90 plus fastball, you throw that down the cock twice against an opposing pitcher who has not hit in 2 years. Reason being, they won't swing until they have two strikes because they are looking to walk! The Blob would like to go on further about Igarashi sucking moose balls but the Mets let him go after the game. SUPER! Beato is on his way back!

• All of Terry's brainiac moves force him to pinch hit Jon Niese in the bottom of the 11th with 2 outs. Niese amazingly ripped a triple but was left stranded at 3rd as the tying run when Reyes struck out to end the game. The Blob feared Jon's leg was going to blow up again going for the 3 bagger, but it seemed fine.

• Same shit, different GM. No matter what suit fills this job, the Mets GM can never handle the medical end of it. First off they need to take their players to a different hospital. The Hospital for Special Surgery has misdiagnosed so many Met players, it's truly not even funny. Everybody made Beltran out to be an A-hole when he went to his own doctor after the Mets staff told him he was good to play on his trashed knee. The Blob's with Carlos on this one and would not let these Ben Casey baffoons treat our dogs.
   On top of that, our GM always seems to have DL 
commitment issues. They love wasting bench space with a player who can't play but is not on the DL yet. So we are a bench player, or in the case of Wright today, a position player short. They are waiting on a second opinion on Wright from another doctor at THE SAME FREAKN' HOSPITAL THAT SCREWS UP EVERY PLAYER THEY SEND THEIR WAY! That's not a second opinion-it's stupidity. Much like it's stupidity having Wright on the bench tonight when we all know damn well he his going to be sitting for 10 days minimum. Well 11 days if you count Monday, the pretend DL day!

Positive notes:

• Pelf pitched well tonight. If he needs Ronnie to   catch/babysit him so be it.   

• Turner drove in our only run with a double.

• Harris made a great diving grab on a line drive at third.

Negative notes:
• Jason Bay still sucks Back Bacon. With one out and Reyes on 3rd, he looked pathetic swinging at a 2 foot outside pitch for strike 3. Where is your warning track pop when we need it?

• Team Moves:
Hu and Igarashi are out. Tejada and Beato are back up.
Nick Evans will more than likely be brought up to fill Wright's spot when he finally goes on the DL.

The Mets go for the Fish split Tuesday at 7:10pm with our best bench hitter, Niese on the hill.

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