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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Good Guy Face-Off

 The Good Guy Face-Off!
Jason Bay vs. Carlo, a deli owner from Yonkers! Both are great working class guys. Why does one make 16.5 million dollars a year more the other? Mets Blob really has no freaking idea. If playing professional baseball and earning millions of dollars a year was all about hustling and a good attitude, 90% of the men in America between 18-50 would be doing it. But lets go to the tape to compare Bay and Carlo.

JASON BAY • 2011

SALARY: $16.5 a year

AVG: .218

HR: 2

GOOD GUY FACTOR: He's Canadian, so everybody loves his working class work ethic, hustle, and positive attitude.

PRODUCTION: At the plate he has been a no show and possibly the biggest bust signing in NY Mets history.
* In 2010 the Mets' so called "Slugger" hit only 6 home runs. That breaks down to Jay Bay earning 2.75 million per homer.

CARLO • 2011

SALARY: Carlo's Deli has been hit hard by the present economy. If his air conditioning unit craps out this summer, he'll be 
forced to shut down a family owned deli after 60 years in business.

AVG: Nothing is average at Carlo's deli. Everything on the menu is excellent!

HR: His baked ziti is a grand slam every time.

GOOD GUY FACTOR: Carlo is an awesome guy. He often donates his famous 6 foot hero to local charities. His energy lights up a room, and everybody would absolutely love him in the clubhouse.

Carlo hustles and busts his ass when you need to plate some food. He can handle over 1,500 in store customers a day and 20 catering jobs per week.

Mets Blob is fed up the Met announcers, managers, and players telling us how Jason "mashed" the baseball, but it just didn't make it out of the park. Horse shit. A mashed baseball makes it out of any park, even Citi field. His "working class" attitude means nothing. Is there a large amount of royalty in Major League Baseball? This is a BS way of saying he is a nice, likable white guy. How come players from Latin America don't seem to get this pass when their on field play sucks like Jason Bay's sucks?
You never hear anyone covering for Jose Reyes by saying, "Well, he's having a tough time right now, but we know he's working hard because his work ethic got him out of ABSOLUTE POVERTY, so we know he'll break out of this slump soon."

Let's just step up and say it Blobbers! Jason Bay is a bust. He's not a slugger, and even if he's a nice guy, he sucks as a Met. With Davis and Wright out, this would be a great time for Bay to prove the Blob wrong, and Mets Blob would love that. But that will not happen because Jay Bay stinks like low tide at Flushing Bay.

Mets vs. Nationals tonight @ 7:10pm

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