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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Happy Day Drinker!

 BISONS beat NATS 1-Zip!
 I mean...THE METS beat NATS 1-ZIP!
 Have an afternoon pick me up, or hit happy hour on the way home!

Gee dominates Nationals with a 2 hitter for 7 2/3 innings.
Gee is a crafty, smart pitcher, and Mets Blob loves seeing him settle into his role as starting pitcher in the Mets rotation. 

In the fourth inning, Justin Turner, who doubled twice in Wednesday's game and drove in five runs last Sunday, knocked in the game's first run with an RBI single with 2 outs. He also made a couple fantastic plays at 3rd today. We are starting to have a Blob crush on the fire- haired, on fire Turner. After the game Turner was asked what it was like playing in the majors with so many of his AAA Bisons teammates in the lineup, and he had this to say, "We're not just here to fill in-we're here to win." Rock on, Justin! Gee, Turner, Pridie, and Tejada (who went 2-3 today) all started their season in AAA Buffalo. Welcome, boys! Now go to the Bronx and kick the old drama Queen Yankees in the balls.

K-Rod closed the door with his 14th straight save. Ever since we picked on K-Rod here at Mets Blob, he's been great. We think our tough love is working. We gladly take credit for the turn around of K-Rod and Pelfrey. And after blasting Jason Bay this week, he went out and got 3 hits today. BLOB FOR BENCH COACH!

NEXT STOP....DA BRONX! Yes, the Subway series starts Friday with Dickey going against Garcia. This is a fantastic time for Dickey to get his act together and our young, aggressive, no-fear lineup to eat up Garcia's worn out arm. Let's get out there and give 'em hell, men and fuel further fair weather Yankee fan panic.

METS VS. YANKS • Friday @ 7:05pm

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