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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Late Reflections on last night

METS        7

• The team fought hard and erased a 7-0 deficit.

• Pelfrey’s troubled Little Leaguer act is tired. Grow up and compete.

• At least Collins had the stones to pull Pelf early. Jerry would have left him in until he curled into the fetal position behind the mound.

• Phillies took the lead back on some cheap hits.

• Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens was interviewed during the game. He spoke about Pagan’s swing and seems to know his stuff. They showed him actually working with Angel during the game. Other than cozying up to David Wright, Howard Johnson did nothing for the Mets. We loved you in 86 HoJo, but your approach to hitting was never cerebral - you were a hacker at the plate. You drilled the fastball and hit mistakes. We thought you would be a lousy hitting coach when they hired you and we were right.

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