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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Another Happy Nightcap:

Mets Take Series from Marlins


• Harris goes yard for a 2 run shot in the first.

• Collins lets Ike hack on a 3 and 0 count. Ike loses one.  Nice aggressive baseball.

• The Marlins played Marlin defense today, opening the floodgates for the Mets.

• Murphy didn’t have any difficult plays, but he made them all.

• Willie Harris steals second with Wright at the plate and a man on third, leading to an intentional walk. Collins takes blame, saying he was late giving the stop sign to Chip Hale. Terry knows it was bad baseball, and he took responsibility.

• Josh Thole is going to be a really good hitter.

• Can anyone name the guys in the Mets bullpen? Seriously, when they cut to shots of guys warming up - outside of K-Rod and Parnell - we have no idea who these people are. This is not a bad thing. Relief pitchers can come out of nowhere. Let’s see what they can do.

• R.A. Dickey is solid. He should smoke a pipe during post game locker room chats with the media. He is deep.
The Mets did not win a road series in 2010 until June 12th against the Orioles. The Mets did not win a road series in 2010 against a division opponent until September 8th when they beat the Nationals. In 2011, two fish are killed with one road trip on April 3rd.

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