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Thursday, May 10, 2012



D-Backs - 5 - Mets 4

The Mets blew the game to Arizona tonight 5-4 thanks, in large part, to an 8th inning error by Ike Davis that opened the door for 3 D-Backs runs.

Of course, Tim Byrdak and Jon Rauch could have picked Ike up - which happens on good teams - but both relievers had nothing.

Mets Blob is a big fan of Ike Davis - but if Ike is going to bat .170 he better be spectacular in the field. The grounder he let skid past him was a routine play. Inexcusable.

Mets Blob to Ike: It's time to get your head out of Ass Valley. You spend too much time whining to umps and feeling sorry for yourself. Stop the childish "woe is me" act and play some hardball.

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