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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thole's Progress Tough to Gauge

Doctors are having a difficult time determining the progress of Josh Thole. Thole was placed on MLB's new 7 Day Disabled List specifically for players who have suffered a concussion or are having concussion syndrome symptoms.

Dr. Hurtcher Knoggin explains why treating Josh has been so difficult, "There really is no way to differentiate between a symptom and Mr. Thole's normal demeanor. Josh often has the look of a stunned child on Christmas morning-part sleepy, part befuddled, part simple joy. Because of this, we have developed a new test specifically for him. Once every hour we surprise Josh by flashing Ty Wigginton's baseball card at him. This always catches Josh off guard, and then he starts to ask, "When is Mr. Wonka coming to free me with the Golden Ticket?" When he stops repeating this phrase at the sight of Mr. Wigginton, he will then be ready to resume baseball activities."

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