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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Mets 7 – Phillies 4


“Let me tell you something…tonight’s game was a good win. A good victory for the team, for the guys and for me. The young guys learned that they can comeback at anytime and win a ball game. And that’s huge, huge. You play 9 innings for a reason and my guys did just that and I’m proud of them. For me tonight’s game was a turning point too. I can finally say this out loud because I know it in my heart. Terry Collins, is a great God damned manager. There was a lot of doubt out there over the years about me, but now let me tell you…that don’t mean dick anymore. I think now I’ve proven to anyone in professional baseball that I know what the F I’m doing. Look at this team I’m winning with?! Players drop likes flies, it don’t matter. Ike Davis couldn’t hit water if you cucked him off a boat, it don’t matter. Miguel Batista, a 56 year old poet, is my 5th starter, it don’t matter. I’ll win with whoever I throw in the lineup and I’ll put’em in any freakin’ position I want. Because I’m a baseball genius and it’s high time people start giving me my props. And it can start with those divas out in Anaheim getting on all fours and sniffing my taint. Because that’s where I’m at right now…no more DUI’s, no more bullshit, ok…just get down there and give my taint a good old healthy sniff.”

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