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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mets 10 - Phillies 6 - The Happy Nightcap

Mets 10 - Phillies 6

Back By Popular Demand...The Happy Nightcap


Now we know what Charlie Manuel was searching for in the depths of his nose last night - relief pitchers. Sorry Charlie. The Mets beat the snot out of you and your sorry ass pen, clubbing their way to a 10 - 6 win.

The camera shots of Phillies fans running to the exits as the Mets crushed the ball was a sight to be savored by Mets fans. Dillion Gee was not great but he kept the Mets close enough to pounce.

Ike Davis doubled off the wall and demolished a 3 run blast deep into the night. Andres Torres, Daniel Murphy, David Wright and Scott Hairston all contributed with their bats.

The Phillies were pathetic on defense, led by Hunter Pence - who patrolled Right Field like Ichabod Crane on Crystal Meth.

Hey, Jimmy does it feel to have the ragtag NY Mets bend you over second base and shove the Liberty Bell up your ass? Mets Blob imagines it feels pretty special.

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