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Sunday, September 4, 2011

•Pelfrey Quits. Mets Don't•

Mets 6 - Nationals 3  
The Happy Daycap   

In the 3rd, the Mets jumped out to a 2 run lead against the Nationals and the rubber arm of Livan Hernandez. Newbie call up, Josh Satin, singled in his first Major League AB. Mike Nickeas followed with a single, and then Mike Pelfrey sac bunted Satin and Nickeas over. Ruben Tejada, who was back in the lineup and giving Jose Reyes a day off at SS, ripped a 2 run single that put the Mets on top.
- Nap Time for Pelfrey -
Mike Pelfrey's predictable meltdown started early today. In the bottom of the 4th, he gave up a walk and a single to put 2 runners on. Then Danny Espinosa ripped a hard line drive double that ate up Lucas Duda. The ball was playable and most MLB right fielders make that play 99 times out of 100. Duda is learning how to play right field and growing pains are to be expected. This is where the veteran Pelfrey should pick up his game to support the young Duda, whose power bat is proving invaluable. Instead Pelfrey, the selfish goon, quits. At this point the Mets were still up 2-1, but Mets Blob knew that was the switch that would shut down Mike Pelfrey's tiny self-involved brain. Before the 4th was done, the Mets were down 3-2.

All of us know baseball is a funny game, and being down by one run in the 4th is not that big of a deal because there is a lot of ballgame left. To Big Pelf, however, the game was clearly over. After 2 quick outs in the bottom of the 5th, Cream Pelf walked the bases loaded and wrote his ticket for an early nap time. Shockingly, Ryota Igarashi came in and got the third out and held the Nats at 3 runs. Ryota normally has less control than a 16 year old golden retriever with failing kidneys, so when Igarashi got out of that jam the Blob knew the Mets had a shot. 
-Duda gets redemption-  
In the top of 6th, Lucas Duda quickly tied the game at 3 with an upper deck bomb. Duda's blast and the absence of Pelfrey's infantile antics put an obvious charge into the Mets. Back to back to back singles by David Wright, Angel Pagan, and Jason Bay loaded the bases for pinch hitter Willie Harris who ripped a two run single. The Mets tacked on one more run in the 6th when Mike Nickeas perfectly laid down a suicide squeeze, and a charging Jason Bay scored the Mets' 6th run. The score would hold, and Bobby Parnell bounced back to close out the game for New York in the 9th.  
-The Met Without a Position-  
Josh Satin started his 1st Major League game today at 1st base. Josh normally played second base in the minors, but Terry Collins felt he had his best shot at a corner position. Satin is another in a long list of Met farm hands and Met farm hand graduates who somehow don't have a true position.

Murphy, Evans, Duda, and now Satin are all touted for having great bats but no love for the glove. Mets Blob hopes Sandy Alderson's reworking of the Mets' farm system involves a bit more focus on defense in the future. Citi Field was built for good D, good speed, good pitching, and Fred Wilpon's childhood hard-ons. How players get this far without a position in Major League Baseball is beyond the Blob. Clearly, Omar Minaya thought he was building a rec softball team not a National League East contender. 

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