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Friday, September 9, 2011

•The Happy Walk Off - Mets Cage Cubs•

Mets 5 - Cubs 4 
Mike Pelfrey had a rough go of it early tonight. With the score 0-0 in the top of the 3rd, Pelfrey gave up a mammoth - dead center - 2 run homer to Carlos Pena and then gave up another run in the top of 4th. The Mets climbed back to tie the game at 3 in the bottom of the 4th spearheaded by a Jason Bay double. 

Pelfrey, fearing he may run out of gas as he did in his last start, ran into the clubhouse for a little pick me up that seemed to do the trick. Pelfrey shared his pep secret with Mets Blob: "I went with something that used to work for me years ago...Apple juice and Animal Crackers...but I only eat the Hippos." 

Pelfrey went on to explain that his "Mum" always separated the Hippos for him. Then she would put them into individual Ziplock bags so the energy snack - the two used to call AA - was at the ready when little Big Pelf was crashing. "I was worried I wouldn't make back on the field for the top of the 5th in time because I had to separate the Hippos myself. I had never done that before, it's very tricky because I won't eat broken ones either. I never realized how hard "Mum" worked, but I knew I had to gut it out for my team."  
In the bottom of the 5th Jose Reyes and Justin Turner each hit soft, but perfectly placed doubles to give the Mets a 4-3 lead. Shockingly, Pelfrey held down the Cubs until the 7th when with 2 on and 2 out, and at well over 100 pitches Pelfrey drilled Starlin Castro in the tummy to end his night. 
"I knew I was done because there were no more Hippos in the clubhouse, I went through every box and I didn't want to tell Terry I was done so just I hit Castro." 

The bullpen combo of Josh Stinson, Tim Byrdak, and Bobby Parnell kept the Cubs scoreless in the 8th but Manny Acosta blew the save in the 9th and Chicago tied the game at 4. 
In the bottom the 9th Nick Evans lead off with a single and Josh Thole bunted pinch runner Jason Pridie into scoring position. Ruben Tejada followed with a soft liner to second for the second out. 

Chicago intentionally walked Jose Reyes to get to Justin Turner Overdrive. Turner drilled one to the track in center field scoring Pridie with the walk-off run. The Mets mobbed Turner on the field in celebratory fashion. 
This Happy Nightcap for you Justin Turner!
Thanks for takin' care of business. 
Mets Blob is beginning to become ill with Gary Cohen's creepy man crush on Jason Bay. In the past month Bay has been playing like Jason Bay for the first time since he has been in a Met uniform. However, Mets Blob feels responsible for Gary's Bay boner for endlessly running this photo all year.
In the 14th century, the Anglo-French word "pelfre," meaning "booty" or "stolen goods," was exchanged into English as "pelf" with the added meaning of "property." ("Pelfre" is also an ancestor of the English verb "pilfer," meaning "to steal.") Two centuries later "pelf" showed gains when people began to use it for "money" and "riches." In some regions of Britain the word's use was diversified further, in a depreciative way, to refer to trash and good-for-nothings. (Mets Blob believes this meaning is the origin of Mike's last name) The first of those meanings was a loss by about the mid-17th century; the second has little value outside of the Yorkshire region of England.

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