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Monday, September 5, 2011

•The Met Without A Position•

-The Met Without a Position-   
On Sunday, Josh Satin started in his 1st Major League game and played 1st base. Josh normally played second base in the minors, but Terry Collins felt he had his best shot at a corner position. Satin is another in a long list of Met farm hands and Met farm hand graduates who somehow don't have a true position. 

Murphy, Evans, Duda, and now Satin are all touted for having great bats but no love for the glove. Mets Blob hopes Sandy Alderson's reworking of the Mets' farm system involves a bit more focus on defense in the future. Citi Field was built for good D, good speed, good pitching, and Fred Wilpon's childhood hard-ons. How players get this far without a position in Major League Baseball is beyond the Blob. Clearly, Omar Minaya thought he was building a rec softball team not a National League East contender. 
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