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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

•Mets 1 - Marlins 0•

-Dickey vs. Hand- 
Yes, Mets Blob knows the title "Dickey vs. Hand" sounds like something a 13 year old boy would come up with alone in his room as he recreates a Japanese monster flick with a dash of self discovery. Nevertheless, Dickey vs. Hand was the early evening pitching matchup tonight in South Florida. 

The Mets scored one run in the 1st when Jose Reyes singled and Lucas Duda doubled him in and that was all RA Dickey and the Mets pen would need to get the win. 

Going into today's game Dickey had never given up an earned run in the Marlins' home park - and that's how it stayed as RA sunk the fish with 7 innings of shutout ball. Dickey got into some tough spots - thanks to errors by Ruben Tejada and David Wright ; but unlike Mike Pelfrey, the knuckleballer picked-up his team and both times pitched his way out of the jam. 

Young Josh Stinson relieved Dickey and held the Marlins underwater in the 8th. The game remained 1-0 heading to the bottom of the 9th and Mets Blob was thrilled Bobby Parnell was unavailable. 
Bring on Manny Acosta. In the second half of the season the Blob has seen Manny bring more machismo, passion, and aggression to his pitching than ever before and it has paid off. Manny brought a fire to the end of the game that does not show up on Parnell's radar gun show. Closers need balls, plain and simple. They need to show no fear - and in doing so, hitters begin to fear them. 

Manny Acosta painted the corners and struck out the first 2 batters he faced. He was throwing smoke too, hitting 97 mph on the gun. Manny worked a full count to pinch hitter Mike Stanton and lost the battle when he came high tight and hit Stanton on the hand. 

The Blob didn't see this lack of control in the same way we see Parnell when he unravels. Bobby gets so wild, and scared, he can't find the catcher for 3 batters in row. 

There was a method to Manny's wildness. Manny tried to tie Stanton up inside - under his hands - which was 100% the right idea.

Mike Stanton is a young, gifted baseball beast who can tie the game in a second. There was no reason to give in to him. As an added bonus, after getting nailed, big Mike won't feel so comfy the next time he faces Acosta. No harm, no foul. Manny got the next batter to hit him a come-backer and as Gary Cohen says "The ball game is OVER". Thanks Manny, for bringing the real Cholula Hot Sauce to the closer role.
In tonight's SNY Toyota text pole 68% of Met fans felt Parnell should not be the hands down closer the rest of the season.
Fantastic news Mets fans! You never have to watch a game played in this multipurpose swamp pit ever again! Since 1993 the expansion Florida Marlins have made this hideous stadium home. What the stadium has been called has changed more times than Lady Gaga over 4 nights at Radio City Music Hall. Let's relive the names of the most hellacious examples of stadium sponsorship, since whoring your house became en vogue.
Joe Robbie Stadium
Pro Player Park
Pro Player Stadium ( see what they did there? )
Girls Gone Wild Water Show and Viagra Park
Dolphins Stadium
Dolphin Stadium ( again, see what they did there? )
No Need For Ambien Park 
Land Shark Stadium
Sucking The Life Out of You Stadium
Sucking The Life Out of You Park
Sun Life Stadium
No matter what is was called - and even with 2 World Championships - the Marlins could never add a hint of charm to Cavernous Fish Suck Hole Park. 

Oddly, the Mets had a winning record in this park - that at this point you can feel free to rename yourself. Mets Blob looks forward to wasting more hours of his Blobby existence in 2012 watching the Mets play the new look "Miami Marlins" in their new park to be named later.
Tonight, Jose Reyes went 1-2 with 2 walks and scored the Mets only run. By the end of the game Reyes was leading Ryan Braun by 3% points in his quest for the NL batting title with a .335 batting average.
During today's game Gary and Keith talked to Mookie Wilson about being on this weeks Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO with Bill Buckner. Even if you are not normally a fan of the show, Met fans should enjoy this episode. Keith told Mookie he enjoyed the show but felt it did not hold a candle to their performance on Sesame Street, and Mookie agreed. 
Check out the teaser for Curb here:
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Mister Softee
Enjoy your Happy Nightcap Blobbers!

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