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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

•Was Einhorn a Greenhorn?•

It was no surprise to Mets Blob that the deal to make David Einhorn a minority owner of the NY Mets fell apart. Why? Well son, let the Blob school you in the plainest terms he knows how. Fred Wilpon is a yellow bellied, two-timing, snake in the grass who is so crooked he could swallow nails and spit out corkscrews. Any Met fan worth his salt knows Fred and his lackey, toad son, Jeff, are so heartless they'd steal a fly from a blind spider. But the question is-did Einhorn?

It sure seems odd that David Einhorn, a Hedge Fund Manager and professional poker player who swims daily in a Cayman Island tax sheltered sea of sharks, could not see that the Wilpons were using him as cash chum. They were bluffing, and Einhorn was being used for MLB financial fluffing. Maybe Einhorn had a funny feeling all along that he was being played for a greenhorn, and the Wilpons simply took advantage of the deep pockets of a life-long Met fan. 
Met fans loved the idea of an actual Met fan being a part of ownership. If Einhorn were to ever take control of the Mets, fans knew they would never have to buy a beer at Citi Field from the "Zack Wheat Beer Bar." We all saw the picture of a young Einhorn dressed as Dave Kingman for Halloween. In that photo we saw the wide eyed hope we all used to have, which now hides under a mountain of despair.
In the end, David Einhorn knew when to fold 'em, knew when to walk away, and knew when to run...from the Wilpons.

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