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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Pen Blows 6-2 Lead

The Almost Happy Nightcap Foiled by Brewers Bats


NYM - Red hot Reyes smoked a 2B to start the game, but the Mets could not get him home.

MB - Braun hit a 2B with 2 outs, but Pelfrey got Fielder to ground out.

NYM - Jason "the Bust" Bay flew out - Paulino ripped a single - Evans hit into a DP.

MB - Hart lead off with an infield single - Tejada turned a great DP - Pelfrey ground ball to Reyes to end the the 2nd.

NYM - Tejada walks - Pelfrey bunts Tejada to 2B - Reyes walks - Turner flies out - Beltran grounds out.

MB - Pelfrey sits down the Brew Crew 1-2-3.

NYM - Pagan Flies out - Bay The Bust makes contact...with his leg. Hit by a pitch- Thank you, Randy Wolf, you figured out a way to get Bay on base - Paulino rips another single, Bay to 3rd - Wolf balks for the first time in his career, Bay scores - Evans K's - Tejada flies out.

MB - With 1 out Braun singles - Fielder pisses on a 3-0 non sinking, sinker for a 2 run HR - Classic Pelfrey gives back our run plus 1.


NYM - After being given the lead, Wolf sits down the Mets 1-2-3. Did you see that Mike?

MB - I guess Mike did...Pelfrey sits down the Brewers 1-2-3.

NYM - Go down 1-2-3 again. Bay K's looking to make his hitless streak 0-22.

MB - With 1 down, Mike makes a great unassisted play to get Nyjer Morgan at first, 2 down - Braun grounds out.

NYM - Paulino leads off with his 3rd hit - with 2 outs Murphy pinch hits for Pelfrey and drills the ball but is robbed by Weeks at 2nd base.

MB - Byrdak in for Pelfrey, Murphy stays in to play first - Byrdak walks Fielder, then leaves the game - Parnell comes in, strikes out Hart - McGehee singles to center - Betancourt to first on a fielder's choice to Reyes, McGehee out at 2 - Pinch hitter Kotsay flies out deep to Pagan.

NYM - Loe pitching - Reyes leads off with an infield single, making it his 30th multiple hit game of the season - Reyes steals 2nd for his 20th of the year - Turner walks - Beltran doubles, Reyes scores to tie it 2-2, Turner to 3rd - The RBI was Beltran's 35th - Pagan singles to right center, Turner scores, Beltran to 3rd, Mets up 3-2, Pagan steals 2nd - Rally killer, Bay, strikes out for the first out - For his 4th hit of the night, Ronny Paulino CRUSHES a 3 run homer! Mets up 6-2 - pitching change - Braddock pitching - Harris pinch hits as the 2nd rally killer for the 2nd out - Tejada hits a 2 out double to center - Murphy flies out.

MB - Beato walked Counsell - Weeks hits into a fielder's choice, Counsell out at 2nd - Morgan singles - Braun smokes a 2 run double to left center - The Met lead is cut to 2, Izzy replaces Beato - Izzy gives up a 2 run blast to Fielder, his 2nd HR of the game and 3rd of the series - Hart strikes out - McGehee walks -Betancourt flies out.

9th: Tied 6-6
NYM - Reyes grounds out - Turner flies out - Beltran walks - Pagan strikes out.

MB - Thayer pitching, Pridie goes in to play center - Lucroy grounds out - Counsell singles - Weeks strikes out, Counsell steals 2nd - Nyjer Morgan hits a single, Counsell scores and the Brewers win with a walk off 7-6.
This was a tough loss - Pelfrey pitched well - Ronny Paulino was 4-4 with a big HR - Braun and Fielder killed us tonight - Morgan bested Thayer, our single A journeyman reliever with Catfish Hunter's 'stache (but not his arm.) Bay the Bust was 0-3 and now drops to a .207 average.

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