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Friday, June 10, 2011

Gee is 7-0

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 8 – Pirates 1

Dillon Gee dominated the Pirates tonight stretching his record to 7-0.
Gee was supported by 13 hits from the Mets line drive obsessed lineup. Without David Wright, the Mets seem to be following the lead of Jose Reyes who has been a hitting machine. Of course, the Mets will have to get power from somewhere as the season proceeds, but right now their machine gun attack is a blast to watch.

Terry vs. Jerry: One letter seems to make a huge difference.
Mets Blob also must commend what Terry Collins has accomplished so far. He has changed the hang dog loser mentality of the Mets. Under Jerry Manual everything was, "Let's wait and see." With Terry it's, "Let's win this game today." To Terry the glass is half full, while Jerry would wait for someone to fill the glass for him.

This shift in team psyche would have been tricky to pull off this year without all the injuries and distractions:
• Davis & Wright on the DL till God knows when
• Pagan was out for a month
• Chris Young was great, then gone
• Jason Bay is a 100x worse than just having an off year
• The Wilpons have run the team financially into the ground and ripped them apart mentally in the press
• The endless talk of when should they trade the best players on the team. Reyes? Wright? Beltran? K-Rod?

After a 5-13 start, Terry has helped the team dig out of a big hole and even bigger let downs. He has taken every bump in the road head on, and it looks like the team is following suit. Whoever is in the lineup on any given day is a pro, and they belong there to do what they do-play hardball.

Whether just off the bus from Buffalo, or a high priced All Star, they are all players who Terry can use to help the Mets win. The Mets may not be tops in the east, win the wild card, or see October baseball, but they are once again a fighting, balls out baseball team, and that is refreshing and fun to watch.

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