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Friday, June 10, 2011

A disoriented Jason Bay caught by Mets Blob cameras!

A disoriented Jason Bay was caught by Mets Blob cameras this morning wandering the streets of Pittsburgh dressed as his Pirates bobblehead doll. Renowned psychiatrist, Heinz Klomp, explained Bay's bizarre actions to Mets Blob. "Much like the elderly war hero has been known to don his tattered military uniform and prance about the backyard shooting his "finger gun" at imaginary Nazis; Jason Bay, too, is attempting to recapture his faded glory."

When Mets Blob asked Dr. Klomp why Bay chose to dress as the bobblehead version of himself rather than simply put on his old uniform, Klomp admitted he was unsure. "I don't know, Blob, maybe the hard plastic mask and the foot confining base of the bobblehead costume gave Jason a sense of security."

Dr. Klomp made it clear that, though he saw Bay perched high atop the Pittsburgh skyline, he did not think Jason was at risk to harm himself. "Have you not seen him bat? He sucks. This guy couldn't hit water if he fell off a bridge."

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