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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 6 – Braves 4

Mets take series from Braves

It Is Never Easy

The Mets jumped all over Tim Hudson and the Braves tonight building a 6 – 0 lead. Of course, with the Mets, things are never easy - or enjoyable. Carlos Beltran drilled a ball off his right shin in the bottom of the 2nd and could not take the field in the top of the 3rd. So all Mets Blob could think about for the rest of the game was Beltran having his leg checked by whatever quack doctor the Mets sent down to the clubhouse. After the game we learned that the X-Rays did not show a break. Unfortunately, this report means nothing. Mets doctors have proven to be incompetent and any medical findings, good or bad, cannot be trusted. If Mets Blob were Carlos Beltran we would not get on the flight to Milwaukee. Carlos, hang back in NYC and go to a legitimate doctor tomorrow. If all goes well, catch up with the team Monday night or Tuesday.

R.A. Dickey was outstanding tonight, going 8 innings for the win. Jose Reyes had 2 hits, scored 2 runs and had an RBI to lead the attack. Daniel Murphy remains red hot, stroking 2 more hits. Manny Acosta came on in the 9th with a 6-1 lead and was awful, forcing Terry Collins to bring K-Rod into the game. Rodriguez had control problems and promptly gave up a 3 run HR before he put the Braves to sleep.

Bobby Valentine calls Mets Ownership on the Carpet

Bobby Valentine reminded the world tonight that the Mets play in New York. Bobby said that a team in the NY market should have at least three players making 15 million dollars per season. He sees no reason why the Mets should not keep Jose Reyes and David Wright. Valentine added that Reyes is more valuable than Carl Crawford because he plays shortstop which is a far more important position than left field. He added that even if the positions had equal value, Reyes plays shortstop better than Crawford plays left field. Mets Blob loved Bobby V. as Mets manager and we love his work on ESPN.

Does Bay Still Have a Concussion?

Jason Bay did not play tonight and seemed to have trouble understanding why he was kept out of the lineup. He said he knows the results have not been there but he thinks he has been swinging the bat better of late. Earth to Jason Bay. In your last 17 at bats you have 0 hits. Mets Blob can only assume Jason Bay’s delusional beliefs about his hitting are the result of last year’s head injury.

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