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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jose Hits His Prime

For those of you who feel Jose Reyes is only playing great baseball because it's a contract year, Mets Blob is here to tell you that you are wrong. Jose is playing great baseball because he is finally hitting his prime as a player.

This coming Saturday, June 11th, Jose Reyes will be turning just 28 years old. Traditionally, baseball players are at their career best level of performance & strength between 27-33.

In recent time, we have seen this idea toyed with and the prime age expanded by the use of HGH, steroids, and other performance enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds was the best example of an already great player expanding his career beyond the normal time frame. But without the influence of BALCO, a player normally will enter the winter of their career around 35 or 36.

Looking forward...
Jose broke into the big league team at the very young age of 20 in the hardest, most demanding, market in baseball. Now at almost 28, Jose is a seasoned veteran entering what will be his best years as a pro. Many players are 32 by the time they have as many games under their belt as Reyes has.

We as Mets fans deserve to see Jose play his best years in a Mets uniform and not as a nightly highlight reel for another team on ESPN.
For those who fear he is fragile...think again about how he, like Beltran, and more recently Wright and Davis, was misdiagnosed by the Mets god awful medical staff. Mets Blob has never seen Jose come out of a game for a "hang nail" as some have claimed. Instead, we've seen a Jose who screamed at Jerry Manuel to stay in a game when hurt and would dive through a wall to get to third base on a triple.
The Wilpons claimed that the Madoff scandal would have no effect on team operations, and yet they needed to take a loan from MLB and David Einhorn for a combined $250 million.

Clearly once again, the Wilpons have lied to us. A deal can be made to keep Reyes and hold on to Wright. They are both entering their baseball prime. Beltran and K-Rod are for sure gone, and so will be the money we are spending on Castillo and Perez.
If the Wilpons can't afford to let Sandy make a deal with one of the most dynamic players in baseball, a home grown talent who is tailor made for their park and hitting his prime, then the Wilpons need to step down now before they destroy the NY Mets any more.

Fred likes to think if Beltran had swung at Wainwright's vicious curve in the 2006 NLCS that we would not be snakebitten. But the real truth is Fred Wilpon made his dirty deals with Madoff, making Fred himself the snake that bit the Mets.

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