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Friday, September 16, 2011

Will The Real "House Of Horrors" Please Stand up

The Happy Nightcap
Mets 12 - Braves 2

Sorry, Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, Chris Carlin and Bobby O'Hairweave. Tonight's Mets 12-2 thumping of the Braves had nothing to do with Terry Collins and his Knute Rockne antics. Baseball does not work that way. The Mets whipped the Braves tonight because they were relieved to get the hell out of Citi Field.

But wait - isn't Turner Field "The House Of Horrors" for the Mets? Isn't that the place that the Mets can't win? Yes, historically these facts are accurate. But thanks to the pure evil of  Citi Field; Turner Field is no longer so scary. In fact, for the Mets Turner Field is now fresh air, sunshine and lollipops. The "Field Of Nightmares" is now Citi Field. No contest. Hands - coming out of the ground - down.
Shamityville Horror
Citi Field was built with, ill gotten, Bernie Madoff funny money and was named after a mega bank that helped to steer the economy into the ground - while raking in outrageous profits off the backs of the poor and working class. Everything about the place reeks of greed and mismanagement.

This is karma. Fred and lil' Jeffery Wilpon and Saul "Fat" Katz slept with the devil and are now are reaping the rewards: a ballpark Mets players can't stand.A place that is so scary it makes Turner Field a safe haven. Nice job, fellas.

The Mets beat the snot out of the ball and buried the Braves 12-2, pounding out 20 hits. David Wright had 3 hits, jacking  2 Home Runs and collecting 5 RBI's. Jose Reyes had 3 hits to maintain his lead over Ryan Braun in the batting race. Lucas Duda collected 4 hits and Nick Evans and Josh Thole joined in with 3 hits a piece.  Jason Bay made a fantastic leaping grab to rob Alex Gonzalez of a HR in the 4th inning.

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