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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

•Mets Eaten By Peacock•

Nationals 2 - Mets 0
Peacock vs. Pelfrey was tonight's baseball battle of little consequence. That is unless you have a hard-on for who gets to hump their way into 3rd place in the National League East.

The Mets basically lost this game in the 3rd inning when a David Wright error - HIS 7th IN 9 GAMES - led to the Nationals scoring their first run and extending the inning to give Jason Werth a chance to drive in a second run. The 2 runs were all the Nationals would need to wrap this up as the Mets were baffled by another rookie starter.
Brad Peacock took the mound for the Nationals, spread his never before seen vivid feathers, and mystified the NY Mets. Peacock is a top pitching prospect for the Nats but the Mets inability to hit rookie pitchers is almost as pathetic as their inability to bunt.

In 21 starts, rookie pitchers have a 10-5 record against the Mets. Mets Blob thinks this is another sign of how today's breed of hitter is so caught up in video, charts, and guessing pitches that they continually throw their god given ability out the window. 

Technology has become more of a crutch than a tool in modern baseball and for the Mets this reliance on empty baseball smarts turns a nervous rookie into Don Drysdale, Bob Gibson, and Sandy Koufax all rolled into one. 
This is not "Bringing Down The House" and you guys didn't go to MIT. You are dopey jocks - look for something good in your zone and rip it whenever the pitcher throws it. For you guys it is that simple. Put that in your ipad and suck it.
David Wright has now made 7 errors in 9 games and a lot of these errors have led to runs for the opposition. In case you are wondering; David has nowhere near 7 hits in those 9 games.

With 2 men on in the 9th Jose Reyes was robbed of a double in the gap by a great diving catch by new Met killer Rick Ankiel. Reyes was 1-5 on the night and at .331 has a 2 point lead over Ryan Braun for the National league batting title. Tonight Braun went 1-4 and is now sitting at .329.

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