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Thursday, September 15, 2011

•Reyes and Wright Quit on Team•

Reyes and Wright Won't Groom Rookies
Jose Reyes and David Wright have packed it in for the season. Mets Blob is not referring to the on-field performance of the Mets stars either. We have come to expect the annual September swoon.

The matter at hand is much more serious than kicking the ball around in some meaningless games. What we are talking about here is almost criminal.

How in gods name can Jose and David allow Josh Satin to take the field with those eyebrows?
Say what you want about Reyes and Wright on the field - we know they have disappointed at times - but no one can question their grooming. Particularly in the eyebrow department.
Reyes' brows are an intricate maze of hieroglyphics that require 3 to 4 hours of upkeep a day from a team of highly skilled microsurgeons.
Wright's brows are a thing of beauty. Each one, perfect.
Jenna Jameson only wishes her landing strip could be so precise: "I've asked David who shapes his brows but he refuses to tell me. I realize snatch hair is a different animal but whoever works with D. Wright has major skill and I would love see if his talent translates to vag."
Come on fellas. Show some leadership and get poor Josh Satin to a barber. Letting him take the field with those caterpillars clinging to his noggin is sinful.

If Mets Blob doesn't see the new and improved Josh Satin soon, we have no choice but to conclude that Jose Reyes and David Wright have given up. Not on baseball - we understand that. But on grooming. That, sports fans, is unforgivable.

PS: The Mets completed getting swept 4 games by the Washington Nationals in an early extended Spring Training game today at Citi Field.

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