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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

•Mets Sink Fish in Nightcap•

Mets 5-Marlins 1
The Happy Nightcap of the Nightcap 

The Mets pulled off something tonight they never have before...a doubleheader sweep of the Marlins. Dillon Gee got his 12th win tonight, an achievement a Met rookie has not made since Ron Darling in 1984. Gee only gave up one run in 6 innings of work and had a noticeable confidence and control to the pace of his game. 
It was nice to see Dillon get his game back on track at this late point in the season. Gee started out as a happy surprise in an unhappy Mets season. Not with the team out of spring training, Gee ended up having to fill the very big shoes of Chris Young.  Young was by far the Mets' best pitcher early in the year. Gee took on the job not as a rattled rookie, but instead with poise of seasoned professional-something Mike "Please Disappear" Pelfrey has never figured out-no matter how much seasoning the Mets sprinkle on that rotten piece of Mike meat. In recent time, however, Gee's starts were rough, and his confidence seemed to be fading. In the last leg of the Major League schedule, the number of innings thrown compared to a AAA season is unchartered territory for a rookie pitcher. Mets Blob hopes this start helps Dillon bounce back and prepares him for a great, full season in 2012. 
Game 2 in the twin-bill also saw the return of Jose Reyes from his second hamstring stint on the DL. Honestly, the Mets have been tough to watch without him. His trips to the DL will for sure affect his off season asking price, and that could very well help the Mets get him back for 2012 and beyond. Sadly, his hamstring issues and the Mets' lack of relevance have also sidelined his bid for MVP. Reyes' night was no big deal, going 1-4 with a run scored, but his return is huge for the life he breathes into this team. 

Cheers to Ruben Tejada, David Wright, Willie Harris, and the Red Hot Nick Evans who backed Dillon with the offensive punch to push him over the top of his pitching duel with Ricky Nolasco. The Blob also raises a glass to Bobby Parnell for closing out 2 games in the same night. Jason Bay did not play in the back end of the doubleheader, but if you want to go ahead and pretend he went 0-3 or 0-4, that's fine with the Blob. 

Tuesday night, Mike Pelfrey is the hump on the hill so maybe have your nightcap at the start of the game just to help you get through it.

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