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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

•Mets Come Back to Hook Fish•

The Happy Nightcap
Mets 3 - Marlins 2 

Chris Capuano fell quickly behind tonight 2-0 in the 1st inning. Chris had nowhere near the same stuff he had last Friday night in his 2 hit complete game shutout of the Braves. However, Capuano settled down and held the Marlins to 2 runs giving his team a chance to fight back - and they did.


Bay had 3 hits to break out of a 2 for 527 slump. By the way, Gary Apple must be back on the peyote. Tonight Gary described Bay as "streaky." Gary, "streaky" is when it is a near equal split between hot and cold periods. Bay is awful the vast majority of the time. By Blobbermetrics calculations he has been a waste 87.5 % of his stay with the Mets. The word you were looking for, Gary, is "sucky."

Wright hit 2 balls that would be out anywhere else. The left field wall is stupid. David also played great D making two outstanding diving stops to his left. On both plays, David got to his feet and gunned the man out at first. Yes, the Blob said "Wright" and "Gunned" in the same sentence. When David does not have time to think and just fires the ball, his arm is not an issue.

Duda clutch - drives in go ahead run in a great AB vs. a lefty. Lucas did not over-swing. He waited back and stroked a line drive up the middle.

Pen was solid...Parnell closed it thanks to the second of Wright's defensive gems and a great play by Tejada. Ruben ranged behind the second base bag to backhand a smash and fired to first for the final out.

 Nice Grab, David

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