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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

•The Battle of Not Greg Maddux•

Marlins 6 - Mets 0 
Bobby Ojeda best described Mike Pelfrey's performance tonight when he said, "If baseball was 5 innings, he would be great." Pelf first started to crack in the 6th inning, but got out of a tight spot. In the 7th, he really began to come apart in the pitcher's duel Mets Blob likes to call, "The Battle of Not Greg Maddux."

The wheels totally came off when the Mets tried to reinvent the "Wheel Play." The set up was to get the force out at 3rd, and it worked...until a gun shy David Wright did not throw the ball to Jose Reyes, who was covering 3rd, after he fielded a Javier Vazquez bunt. Mets Blob has seen David throw, and we understand why he was scared, but this is a battle, son! Show no quarter! Throw thy F'ing ball! The Marlins saw the whites of the Mets' eyes and fired first. Pelfrey and the Mets would continue to unravel and never recover.

Javier Vazquez dominated the Mets, and Mike Stanton hit the ball all over Citi Field like it was shot out of a cannon. Stanton's icing on the Marlins' victory cake was hitting an opposite field home run in the upper deck of the Pepsi porch. My God, Mike Stanton's gifts are spooky.

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