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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. MerMet

When rumors flew that an ex-A-Rod fling claimed that the Yankee 3B had not 1 but 2 paintings of himself as a Centaur in his bedroom David Wright would not be out done. NY's baseball 2nd banana Mets take enough guff from Yankee fans and Irving Picard. To now take a back seat in the Renaissance Fair mythical art world set too? Not on Number 5's watch. If A-Hole could be a half man half horse, (really 100% jack ass) David wanted to be an equally great creature. The Merman. He felt that being subconsciously half fish would give him a more fluid swing and a great advantage over the Marlins. Plus, should Neptune's Net ever fetch him a sea wench, catch of the day, slump buster...won't she be impressed with his softer artistic side and his class. All while David rides her wave of love and gives it to her with his crooked number.

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