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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Louie, Louie Let Go

Luis suffered for a long, long time and fought hard as the Mets scapegoat. Now he's in a better place. Philly. What better way to cut a guy with brotherly love then to send him to the best team (on paper) in the National league. You sure showed him Sandy Kaki Pants! Pay his way to the top of the National League East. God Speed Louie! Please be sure to write us from summer camp.  We'd love to hear what winning feels like. Shit, you might hit 10 homers this year playing in Citizens Bank Park. Word to the wise Louie, if you think Mets fans were tough on you wait till you drop a pop up in a big game while wearing the Red, White and Blue. Philly fans won't just ask for your head, they will cut off themselves Al-Qaeda style, slather it in liquid cheese and post your beheading on youtube before you can say Bill Buckner. The only satisfaction us Mets fans may get is when he injures himself hoisting the World Series trophy in October. 

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