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Saturday, October 1, 2011

MB Flashback - David Wright Tweets Himself

Today's Changes One Blobbie flashback is a perfect follow up to the CJ Wilson's trash talking tweet post from last night. Enjoy all the games today Blobbers!Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Socially Responsible Social Media

Call it quality control, call it crazy, David Wright is following himself on Twitter. A dog will chase his own tail and now David will fetch his own social media musings. Many would think following your own twitter account with another twitter handle would be the the ultimate act of narcissism, but D. Wright says no way. "I want to know exactly how the fan feels when he or she gets a new tweet from me. Sometimes I'm excited, sometimes it's a let down because I just wrote it and know what's coming. But, that's why I do it to keep in check, keeping myself in check. Tweets are not written on paper, they are written on my phone...and that's why I need a second phone and a second twitter account to see what it's like to get a tweet from me. This is the show not a game on paper, you gotta play the game and see what happens."

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