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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ding Dong Pelf is Dead

Philadelphia 9 - Mets 4
The best news about the Mets 9-4 loss to Philly today is this was the last time Met fans have to suffer through a Mike Pelfrey start in the 2011 season. 

Mets Blob wonders how anyone with a half a brain could think of resigning Pelfrey for 2012. If today's 3 inning, 60 plus pitch lack of performance is not enough of an indicator that Pelfrey has no future with this team; what do you need to see?

If you think sticking with Mike Pelfrey is a good plan - you may also feel that strapping a 50 pound weight to your neck and diving into the swirling waters of Hell's Gate is a neat idea for a workout.
Pelfrey is not worth what the Mets are paying now, why pay him more in 2012? Ask these very simple questions. What has he shown us? How has he matured as a pitcher? Do you really believe he will turn it around? If you have really watched Mike pitch over the years you know the answers to these questions. If you answered those questions honestly, you would not resign him and the Blob hopes Sandy sees the cracks and cuts him lose.

Mike's fractured mental game makes it impossible for him to improve. Physically he has all the gifts but his weak mind will never let him open them. All the teams in baseball know how fragile he is and pick his brain until he is out of the game. In the eyes of the Blob, Pelfrey has no value and today he did his best to prove it once again.

Positives of the day:

• Possibly overlooked in today's game was Mike Baxter playing a great defensive right field, showing it is possible to tame the Mo Zone beast.

• Ronny Paulino hit a two run homer.

• Jose Reyes had a good day going 2-4 and at .331 still trails Ryan Braun, who went 2-3 today, by 2 percentage points in the race for the National League batting title
• It is not a positive sign that Lucas Duda appears to have suffered a concussion when he crashed into the right field fence last week and looks like he will sit out the rest of the year to play it safe. 

What is positive is that the Mets finish up at home and will not have the opportunity to fly Lucas all over the country with a brain injury. 

This practice, of course, is a beloved Mets medical specialty that - as we all remember fondly - turned the brains of Ryan Church and Jason Bay into transcontinental rice pudding.

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