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Thursday, July 28, 2011

• Malusis, The Mush Mouth Met Hater •

There are so called baseball expert nay sayers in New York that dismiss the success of any Met as a silly dream of the delusional. SNY's and WFAN's Mark Malusis is, in the Blob's opinion, the biggest of these nay sayers.

Malusis loves to make a dismissive face whenever any Met is mentioned in a positive light. He is the puffy poster child of  bloated and spoiled Yankee fans. He is not a true fan of baseball. The Malusis face occurs just before he is about to say something he thinks is clever. The blather that follows is not really spoken - it kind of discharges from his inflated gym ball of a head like a mini Mt. Vesuvius of the dimwitted.
The face, or in sports terms "indicator" is akin to the face a heavy set middle-aged woman makes when she is about to pass gas in church. When Mark makes the face, profound baseball ignorance is sure to follow.

The Malusis face always occurs as another commentator or caller finishes their thought about the NY Mets. Once you learn to spot the "Moose Mouth" on TV you can start to see it on the radio. Yes, you can see it on the radio. His head shakes like a 4 year old denying he's in need of a nap and his fat cheeks spread, just enough, to open up his change purse mouth so he can dispense a penny for the baseball thoughtless.
Malusis make the same knee jerk comments about Mets players that a clueless Philly construction worker would make. Let's be clear, Mets Blob is a die hard Met fan till the end - but that comes from from being an even bigger fan of the game of baseball.

The Blob knows and respects the Yankee greats of the past and present. Mets Blob understands that it's possible for a player like Brett Gardner to improve and develop into a premier lead off hitter. We don't just dismiss the idea because he plays for the dark lords of baseball. Malusis has no real baseball sense of any kind. He will now tell you that Mike Piazza was one of greatest offensive catchers in the history of the game; but he would have shit all over the Dodgers for drafting the deep round dark horse in the first place.
Shame on you, Mark. You disgrace the game, day in and day out, in the name of paycheck. You sir, are a fat head that makes the Blob regret buying a 50 inch HDTV. 

Is this to say all Yankee fans are clueless? No, absolutely not. The Blob knows many true, legit, Yankee fans that know their baseball and have weathered the darker times of the evil Yankee dynasty. Malusis is not a real baseball man in any way, shape or tubby form. 

Mark Malusis is as clueless as he is neckless. Yet another bloviating, hair sprayed, moose's ass with a mic and a Men's Wearhouse wardrobe - in a bottomless pit of, so called, baseball experts. Heads up, Jon Heyman. You're next.

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