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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Left My Slugger In San Francisco

• The Happy - yet a little sad as well - Nightcap •
The Mets started the post Carlos Beltran era off with a bang tonight routing the Reds in Cincinnati 8-2. This is good news, right? Yes. Absolutely. However, coming to terms with the departure of Carlos Beltran - a quality player and a quality person - leaves Mets Blob with mixed emotions. Happy with the win - but sad to see Carlos go.

While Beltran will be remembered for looking at the third strike curveball from Adam Wainwright in the  2006 NLCS; narrowing his Met career down to one isolated moment is unfair. Beltran was a good Met. He always carried himself with class and was the leader of the team. Though the media tried to force the leadership roll onto David Wright, he was never the top dog. Beltran was the player young Mets turned to for advice.

Carlos' demeanor and the ease with which he played the game caused some to view him as disinterested and lackadaisical but this was never the case. Carlos Beltran was - and is - a pro. He will be missed.

As for the game, Mike Pelfrey went the full nine and was dominant holding the Reds to 2 runs on 7 hits. Daniel Murphy went 4 for 5 raising his BA to .319 and David Wright and Lucas Duda went yard. Duda, starting in right field, hit a screaming line drive into the right field seats and Wright crushed a 3 run shot to right center.

The Mets played without Beltran and came up big. They have done it all year. Terry Collins expects the players who take the field to get it done. He does not allow his team to check out because stars are injured - or in this case - traded. The Mets left their slugger in San Fransisco. Their heart has not gone anywhere. 

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  1. Love the last two lines. Mets Blob does to phrases what Flynn and Taveras did to double play grounders - you turn them smoothly.