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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Public Service Message:

Not now ladies, I'm burned out from the sausage race.
Gary, I have pressing news from the bimbo to my left.

Stop it Kevin. Stop it SNY. We want to watch the game-not find out where to get the kids' faces painted at Chase Field in AZ. We have three guys in the booth already. There is no need for inane in-game reports from the Wandering Mannequin. It’s the 2nd game of the year, and K.B. is interviewing the Marlins owner’s wife about her cookbook as the Mets are batting. WTF SNY? The team is strapped for cash. So lets stop flying Kevin around the country, putting him up in hotels, and dry cleaning his polo shirts. Let's make way for baseball action, and put an end to the bleacher attractions.

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  1. Baseball about baseball. That is why the game is played. No more cheeze whizzz crap. Great point fellas. The River