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Friday, April 1, 2011


We have some things we would like to see in the new season. We are realistic and don't expect a world series title. But here are a few things that would be HUGE improvements to the Mets and would make this season fun to watch for all of us.

1. We want a team with some fire. Last year Wright finally took a guy deep after he knocked him down. We need more of that, David. Stop patting guys on the butt when they reach third and flashing your USA Baseball grin. Enough. Get a little Ray Knight in your game, and smack Utley in the mouth if he comes in spikes high.

2. Same theme. Can someone lay out a catcher every once and a while? That hook slide, touch the plate with your left hand nonsense is bullshit. This is hardball for God's sake.

3. Reyes. Let your freak-flag fly. Hit line drives into the gaps and run, run, run. Go into the hole and throw rockets to Ike. Dance if you want. Be yourself, and have fun. 200 hits, 295 BA, 25 triples, 40 doubles, 20Hrs, 80 RBIs, 115 runs and 50 steals. Far fetched? Check this out: In 2008 Jose Reyes was the first player in major league history to have 10 home runs, 10 triples, 20 doubles, and 30 stolen bases before the All Star Break. Let’s make it impossible for them to trade you. All you people that want to dump Jose, shut up. You want him to go to Red Sox, Yankees or Phillies and haunt us forever?

4. K-Rod. You have the right attitude. You are nuts, you play with fire and are not afraid. Stop punching old men. Drill Rollins and Victorino in the ribs instead. You will feel better, and we will feel better. Now that’s anger management.  

5. Brad Emaus. We don’t know who you are. We do know you are not Luis Castillo. Be a solid, gritty, balls to the wall, hard-nosed ballplayer.

6. Angel Pagan. Keep it up man. You are a really good all around player. We want you to blossom into a star.
7. Beltran. Stay on the field and rake. We need you in the lineup.

8. Young and Capuano. Bring the veteran leadership and show that you can still get it done.

9. Jason Bay. Last year you hit like Joel Youngblood. You are better than that. We need you to hit like Jason Bay.

10. Ike. You are the only guy on the team not bothered by the asinine dimensions of Saul Katz Field. We want 30 and 100 – and keep playing that D.

11. Thole. We think you can play. Hit your line drives. Singles and doubles are fine.

12. Big Pelf. Step up, and be the man until the guy that refers to himself as the man returns. Then we will have 2 men.

13. Terry Collins. Don’t let our team take shit from other teams. Get the guys to believe in playing the game the right way. Lose your mind as needed on an ump or on your team if they don’t play hard. Do not totally lose your mind like you did on your other managerial gigs. The last thing we need is a meltdown.

14. Fred & Jeff Wilpon. Shut your dirty, cheating, team destroying pie holes, and sell the team to Mark Cuban or some version of a real business man.


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  1. Well done Mr. Nelson! You've got me revved up - which is fitting in that I'm a '73 Chevy