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Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the F**K?

Mr. Blackwell said, "What the f**k was he thinking!? Was Pete Rose trying to distract fans from watching the game? He is simply put, a fashion train wreck." So what's a 69 year old man doing dressed in a cross between a Dr. Huxtable sweater, the In Living Color show open, and a diver down flag? Watching the Reds make a crazy comeback to win the opener. Maybe they were inspired by Charlie Hustle and his Amazing Technicolor Members Only jacket.


  1. Lindsey, Lindsey, Lindsey - is the pot calling the kettle a cooking recepticle? After all, if we couldn't get our hands on some pre-game greenies we'd head up to the booth to catch a glimpse of whatever monstrosity of a blazer you'd be sporting that day. One look would create an adreniline surge to last at least 6 innings.

  2. Well Blob Apodaca you've got me in a bit of a fashion pickle. You are correct this post is a bit like the plaid blazer calling the Bermuda shorts madras. The truth of the matter is my ghost writer Bob Murphy was filling in for me last night. Bob considers himself a fashionista and always felt my garb at times upstaged him. When the NBA playoffs roll around I suspect he will try to work in a Craig Sager rant.

  3. To be fair to you Lindsey, you sartorial malfeasance is forgivable in that it happened in a time when men were men, Huggy Bear was a fashion icon, and ties were wider than Eric Gregg's pre-QuesTec strike zone.

    Rose's fashion faux pas is unforgivable for no other reason than he's Pete Rose. He fucked with Buddy, we don't forgive him ANYTHING.

  4. Great point again Blob. For Rose to be forgiven he would have to come clean and admit he wore something ridiculous in the first place.