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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Astros 6 – Mets 1

Astros 6 – Mets 1

• Wandy Rodriguez, an average starting pitcher, made the Mets look foolish. Our squad followed Babe Wright’s lead and swung from their heels all night. Apparently, cutting down on your swing and trying to line drives isn’t an option. It’s cooler to hit lazy fly balls or strike out.

• The Blob is tired of hearing Gary Cohen get all excited when Babe Wright flies out. Gary, when an outfielder is settled under the ball waiting for it to come down, the ball is not well struck. It is a pop out.

• Why is Scott Hairston on the team? His hitting? His Fielding? His…if anyone comes up with anything let us know.

• Kevin “The Wandering Mannequin” Burkhardt did a feature on the type of wood used to make Hairston’s bat. The wood seems pretty irrelevant when you can’t make contact. However, the Blob would like to know what kind of wood Hairston’s glove is made from.

• Met pitchers gave up 6 more walks.

• Bobby Parnell joined the fun in the 8th inning when he entered the game with the bases loaded and balked in a run before throwing a pitch. Gary Cohen referred to Parnell’s choke job as “unfortunate.” Gary, “unfortunate” is twisting your ankle on the slick mound. Balking with the sacks full is a meltdown.

• Dear SNY, showing highlights from the classic 1986 playoff between the Mets and the Astros was a tad sadistic.


  1. There once was a team from Corona,
    Which walked around deep in a coma,
    They can't pitch or hit,
    And their fielding's like shit,
    They should relocate to Barcelona.

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