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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Mets 5 – Phillies 0
On a day when we all feared David Wright was on his way to the DL he instead played and drilled the first pitch he saw out on the park in the top of 1st inning. The Wright homer set the tone for NY and give Mets pitching the only run they would need. It was great to not only see Wright alive after dealing with the Mets medical staff but possibly more importantly see him pick up right where he left off going 3-5 on the day. Jon Niese had another very strong outing going 6 plus and the NY pen once again shut the door. In the 4th Bay hit into a bases loaded DP seemly getting Philly out of jam, but then Lucas “I like going yard on Saturday” Duda powered a 2 run homer out of Citizens’ Bank Park effectively stepping on the necks of our east rivals. Some way, some how the Mets are getting it done and move to 6-2 on the season. What the hell Blobbers, why not? Make yourself a Happy Nightcap it’s Saturday night and the Mets just took a series from the Phillies in Philly and that’s worth drinking to!

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