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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Just when we thought it was safe to show some pride on our Mets, the nightmare begins. Once again, the Mets medical staff, front office and PR department are giving loyal Mets fans the finger, or in this case...the pinky. 

Why play games and hold back the news on David Wright's broken bone. Why do the Mets take such pride in treating us all like shit? Haven't we had enough of this mess? Why does Gary Cohen have to "break the finger" news in the middle of the game? No one could let us in on this news when it happened? Why the constant, clandestine garbage?

Unfortunately, we know why. It is so the Wilpigs can keep as many eyes glued to their propaganda machine for as long as possible. Enough is enough. It is not funny anymore. It is sad and pathetic.

Karma is a bitch though, isn't it. The Wilpon's ooze slime from their vile pores throughout the day and turn whatever positive vibes the team is feeling upside-down. Then the team goes out and rolls in the filth that Fred and Jeff dumped on the field. Last night's hero, Daniel Murphy plays second base tonight Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda tracks fly balls Lucas Duda and the Mets fall 6-2 to the Nationals.

Then Gary Cohen, Bobby O'Hairweave and the rest of the SNY propaganda machine start to make excuses for Murph and Duda. You can't have it both ways. When Murphy pulled that great play out of his ass last night he got all the praise he deserved. He saved the game.

Tonight, Murph and Lucas Duda were awful - but we had to hear excuses about learning a new position and the angle of the glove and the wind and the wall and the speed of the runner. STOP IT. It is baseball. It is a game Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda have been playing since they were 5 years old. The plays Murph botched tonight could have been made by any decent weekend athlete. Stop the excuses.

But, in truth, this loss does not lay at the stone hands of Daniel Murphy and Lucas Duda. No, this game lays at the cloven hooves of Fred and Jeff Wilpon. They started to mind fuck Mets fans again about David Wright's injury and the ugliness of their actions played out on the field. You reap what you sow, assholes.

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