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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NATS 4 - METS 0 & Say Hi to Metro!

Hi Kids! I'm METRO the Citifield unicorn brought to you by SNY and the Acela Express! Mets Blob can be a little too negative somethings and that's why I'm posting today to add some POSITIVE energy to the Blob and put a smile on all of you Blobbers faces! I can put a happy spin on anything, I even fart rainbows:) Today Mets pitchers gave up 10 walks. Now I know that sounds bad but walking can be a great thing! Walking is good for your health and it's how many New Yorker's get to work and that's very POSITIVE! Today's game was set up as a pitchers duel between Johan Santana & Steven Strasburg. Now METRO is not a big fan of the word duel. It's negative and sounds like violence might happen. METRO does not like violence, so I prefer the term pitching SHOW! Shows in NY are always fun and happy! Even RENT has some upbeat tunes:) The Mets didn't get many hits today but got a lot of chances to try to get hits and that's swell. Everybody tried super hard today and did their gosh darn best, but the Mets just came up short and that's OK with METRO;) Hey, we're 4-2 to start the year that's pretty nifty!
I love you all and may you all have sweet dreams till Thursday. And remember METRO says: STAY POSITIVE!

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