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Monday, April 16, 2012

Brother Against Brother - Beard Against Beard


Mets 6 - Braves 1
General Dillon E Gee rolled into the heart of Dixie tonight sporting a Civil War beard that confused many Braves fans. How do you root against a guy that is sporting facial hair that out-hicks everyone in the park?
"Dag nabbit, woman. I know he's a Yankee...I mean a Met... but if he doesn't look like he's on our side, who does? Now you come over here and rub Daddy's neck while I cleans my gun."
Tommy Hanson and his regular beard were no match for General Gee. Ike Davis smoked a 3 run jack - following an intentional walk to David Wright - and the Mets rolled.
Jason Bay robbed a HR with a terrific leaping catch and later hit a bomb to left center. Great start to the season, Mets. Keep it up!

Phillies 8 - Mets 2

Well the Mets didn't sweep the series in Philadelphia today but the Mets starter, old number 42, wasn't to blame. He hung in there and did his best; although he didn't help his cause by sacrifice bunting into a double play.
The Mets 2 runs came on a first inning blast by number 42 - driving in number 42, who had singled.
However, number 42 giveth...and number 42 taketh away. The Mets right fielder, number 42, stood frozen as a catchable ball fell in front of him. Number 42 really has to learn that the standing out in the pasture and scratching your ass is common in Little League ball where the right fielder doesn't see much action. However, in the Major Leagues lots of the big kids hit it in that direction.
Later in the game the Mets shortstop, number 42, made a wild throw to first that allowed the flood gates to open for the Phillies.
The Phillies starter, number 42, struck out 10 Mets and their closer, number 42, added 2 K's.
In an embarrassing display of futility at the plate, number 42 for the Mets struck out 12 times.

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