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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Obstruction of .500

The Mets lost to the Pirates tonight 3-1, falling short once again of reaching the .500 mark. Boneheaded base path blunders and quiet bats ruined a quality start for Big Pelf.

• An out of position Jose Reyes was called for defensive obstruction of a base runner in the 1st inning that lead to the Pirates first run.

• Daniel Murphy got picked off second base by the catcher when Pelfrey failed to make contact on a bunt attempt. Murph once again found himself in base running no man's land with his head jammed up his ass, killing our first chance at a rally.

• Trailing 2-zip in the 8th, our last shot at a rally was once again killed by stupid base running. With Duda on 1st and Tejada on 3rd and no outs, Reyes hits a sinking liner to left fielder, Jose Tabata. Tabata makes a shoestring catch, and Tejada tags and scores. Duda was doubled up because he misread the play and advanced to second.

Mets Blob knows for sure these stupid mistakes must be driving Terry Collins crazy. Being down big bats like Davis and Wright, and Jason Bay being a major league no show, the Mets have to play smart, fundamental baseball to win ball games. 
Terry knows that scrappy baseball is not enough. Scrappy also needs to be smart baseball. This goes back to all the hard work that was done by Terry and his staff during spring training. Murphy must be particularly maddening for Terry. He's a great hitter, a defensive liability, and a moron on the bases. They say Murphy is a really hard worker...Mets Blob just has no idea what he is doing with all this hard work because none of it seems to be paying off.

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