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Thursday, May 17, 2012



David Wright is on fire.

David Wright once again is clutch and delivers the go ahead run in what became a late inning slug fest for New York.
Many of us, The Blob included, have wondered over the past few season if we'd ever see David return to being the great player we once knew. Not only has the old David come back to us, but he seems to have comeback in super human form. The bad throws, the stock pile of strike outs, all gone. David Wright is playing an elite game of baseball right now with an almost Zen master quality. His .411 BA and .513 OBP jump out the most but David has been besting the competition in ever aspect of his game. It's nice to see a still young David Wright finally find the stride of a polished vet. Welcome back D. Wright, we missed you.

A The Top Of An Impressive Pack

Clueless Terry Pulls Parnell

Reds 6 - Mets 3
A beautiful game was ruined tonight by Terry Collins who thought it was more important to show off his managing chops than to win the ballgame. Terry's boneheaded decisions resulted in a 6-3 Reds win over the Mets.

Johan Santana was strong again; going 6.2 innings yielding 2 runs. Bobby Parnell came on to relieve Johan by blowing away Zack Cozart to end the 7th inning with the Mets up 3-2.

Here is where Terry lost his head. Rather than having Parnell start the 8th inning, John Rauch lumbered in from the pen for no apparent reason - other than Rauch is Terry's designated 8th inning pitcher. If you listened carefully as Rauch took the mound you could hear David Wright screaming from third base: "That's Bullshit, Terry! bullshit!"

Rauch imploded and was pulled for Tim Byrdak who imploded - leading to the "raise the white flag" call for DJ Carrasco who kindly served up a meatball to Todd Frazier, who clubbed his second home run of the game.

Mets Blob to Terry Collins: The Mets pen is not good enough to have designated rolls outside of Tim Byrdak going against lefties. Rauch, Parnell and Fransisco are pretty much interchangeable. If one of them is on his game - as Parnell was tonight - let the guy pitch.

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