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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


At after getting pounded harder than Jenna Jameson in the late 1990's, Dillon Gee must ponder if his 1970's-porno-chin-mangina is throwing off his mechanics. There is not much to debate about Gee's performance tonight. It was a pitching shit storm that a struggling Brew Crew kept jamming tokens in to the Gee BP machine, until the game was quickly out of reach.

In the top of 7th D.J. Carrasco helped Rickie Weeks come out of his 0-21 skid by serving up his delectable slump busting meat. Carrasco's meat "cured" Rickie's skid and he ripped it over the left field wall. D.J. then hit the next batter Ryan Braun and was immediately ejected. The home plate ump took hitting Braun as retaliation not realizing what we all know...Carrasco just sucks and couldn't hit the broad side of a Braun if he wanted to.

The real fireworks happened when David Wright was due to bat in the bottom of the inning and Terry Collins sat him fearing retaliation from the Brewers. Wright was pissed and you could lip read him telling Terry "that's bullshit" over and over. Terry can't afford to be down the the best hitter in the National League and Wright can't afford not to be a leader and stand up for his team. The Blob thinks Terry over reacted to the situation because the Brewers know D.J. sucks and Zack Greinke wasn't gonna hit Wright in the middle of pitching a shut out. Terry is a little more old school then game is at this point, and David want's to be know as a real baller. Boys your both pretty, now go kick the shit out of the Reds.

Some a positive notes on tonight: David continues to kill the ball and went 2-2 before being pulled. Mike Baxter "The Whitestone Whammer" also put up two more hits tonight. His 1st was once again from off the bench as his pinch hitting tear rolls on. Baxter is fast and a great defender and it may be time to get him some more starts. Lucas Duda plays right field like Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein (That's right, call him Young Dudanstein) is as slow as Peter Boyle is now, and is hitting only in the mid 200's with 4 long balls in 110 AB's, so why not get Baxter some more starts? The Blob knows it's lefty for lefty...but the Blob would also always play the guy with the BA that's 100 points higher.



The 63-year-old Miguel Batista proved that age is just a number as he held the Brewers scoreless for 7 innings tonight as the Mets topped the Brewers 3-1 at Saul Katz Field.

Tim Byrdak and Bobby Parnell pitched a scoreless 8th and Frank Francisco hung on for the save though he was awful - again. Before the game Francisco was assured by Terry Collins that his job was not in jeopardy. Why Terry made this decision is unknown.

Batista attributed his win to the soothing music Kenny G. provided in the dugout between innings: "Kenny G. allows me to find my groove."

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