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Friday, April 27, 2012

The Rockies and Cranial Pelf Top

Rocky Mountain Remove My Eyes With A Melon Baller
Mets Blob would rather skinny dip with Rusty Staub in a kiddie pool than watch the Mets play the Rockies in Colorado: The odd start time, the stupid ballpark, the freaking obligatory shot of the mountains. All of it sucks. Do Blobbers feel the same about Colorado games, or does the Blob stand alone here?

Will we really miss the Big Mike show of hand licking, jersey chewing, brow wiping and his overall dufus demeanor? They say there is a 99% chance Pelf needs Tommy John surgery...Mets Blob however feels the Met brass are tricking the not so lovable lug into Cranial Screw Top Method surgery to replace his scattered brain with the mind of a pitcher. Fred Wilpon is on the look out for a donor and has been seen force feeding Nolan Ryan huge quantities of yummy Texas beef.

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