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Monday, April 23, 2012

Giants Sweep Mets in twinbill

Giants 7 - Mets 2
Dillion Gee pitched almost 7 fantastic innings of BP to San Francisco and basically handed the Giants the broom to complete the sweep of the Mets. The Mets only picked up 1 of 4 games at home vs. the Giants and really tried hard to blow all 4 games. The Mets are now 8-8 and seem hardly ready ( aside from the blow job tribute reel ) to face Jose Reyes and the Miami Marlins. The lucky hot start could be well over for the Mets and the flimsy construction of this no moneyball team will start to show it's ugly unwatchable head. By June the Mets could easily be buried in the NL east. Please check the video clip above to see what Mets Blob feels was the turning point for NY tonight.

Giants 6 - Mets 1
Spot starter Miguel Batista was spotty and got poetry slammed in game 1 of the double header falling to the Giants 6-1. Let's hope Gee and the Mets can take the second game and stay above the .500 mark.

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