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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Jason Bay to 15 day DL.
Jason Bay cracked a rib on his left side in last night's game 2 diving for a ball he couldn't keep in his glove. Jason looked banged up on the lack of play but smoked a single up the middle in his next AB. The swing was one of the best Mets Blob has ever seen Jason put on a ball. The Blob knows that's not saying much. Well, for those of us who were wanting Jason to ride the's your 15 day fantasy DL.

Former NY Mets and lovers Jose Reyes and Heath Bell return to NY tonight to battle their old team. If you could have only one of these guys back on the Mets right now who would it be? Lack of Wilpon money is no object in this question. Just pick who you think the 2012 Mets need more, Reyes or Bell?

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