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Friday, August 5, 2011

• Braves 4 - Mets 1 •

Photo: Daniel Murphy, eating sunflower seeds at 1st base.
Going 1-3 with a walk and a run scored, Daniel Murphy really did nothing wrong tonight in the NY Mets 4-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves. Mets Blob just can't figure out how the Mets coaching staff can allow Murphy to snack on the field? Chewing gum and playing the field would be enough of a challenge for Murphy. In fact playing the field at all is an absolute puzzle for Daniel - so how can he be trusted with seeds? It's like giving a hunting knife and a bottle of bourbon to a toddler, locking them the bathroom with a tub full water and a hair dryer plugged into a 50 foot extension cord, then going to AC for the weekend. It's just damned irresponsible!

Dogs are only rewarded with a treat when they do something right; NOT when they keep crapping in the living room. Now if Danny is in the right spot for a cut off and upon return to the dugout Chip Hale throws him a chunk of jerky for knowing how to do his job, then fine. But does anyone think Murphy can handle holding a guy on first, pulling seeds out of his pocket and feeding himself like a baby bird while having any concept of what to do when the ball is put in play? If you think he can - then you, sir, are a fool!

Dickey pitched well but Hudson was better and so were the Braves' bats and bullpen. Tim Hudson is 140-2 in games when his team gives him 4 runs or more. That kind of stability must be nice. The Mets are now 9 games in back of the Braves for the Wild Card and the 2011 season is slipping away fast.

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