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Monday, July 18, 2011

•The Madness of Being Pelfrey•

(Photo insert of Mike Pelfrey as a Monty Python Lumber Jack)

• Phillies 8 - Mets 5 •

Mike Pelfrey is a pitcher, and he's not ok. Not by a long shot. Mets Blob's fingers are damn near bloody from typing about Mike Pelfey's mental breakdowns. It is getting very, very old.  To watch a team we love give their all in a mid-season, trade deadline fight, to simply keep our team together is hard enough without watching Pelfrey give up before the game even starts. This is a team without Reyes, Wright, Davis, or Santana, and K-Rod is already dealt, and Beltran is next. Never the less this scrappy bunch of journey men and Bison never give up, even if they are up against the best team in baseball. They fight, claw, play beyond their means, and never stop trying until the game is over. That is what we love about them, and at the same time, this is exactly what we hate about Mike Pelfrey.

Mike Pelfrey, simply, is a mental midget with multi-million dollar talent.  He is a gutless quitter, who some how is fine with not being able to get the opposing pitcher out, giving up a first career 3 run home run to a no name, and getting taken out in the 5th inning. 

The rest of the Mets ( aside from Jason Bay ) did everything they could today to get back into the game, a game that Mike Pelfrey never showed up for. This was a great day for Mike to show up, be a man, and guide this team to a win when they needed him, but no chance. We all knew Mike was never going to fill the shoes of an ace and would not be a number one starter this year, but we thought he would be better than a number 9 starter.

All we ask for as Met fans is this: If we are about to sit through the mid-season fire sale because of the Wilpons crooked dealings and inability to run a team in New York, the least, the very least Sandy Alderson could do for us Met fans in between jerking off Bud Selig and getting a nice crease in the legs of his kakis is figure out a way to deal Mike Pelfrey. To Met fans, Pelfrey is the last of the the mentally challenged pitchers that needs to go in an effort to cleanse this team. Perez is gone, and Maine is gone, and now Pelfrey needs to go. There is no fixing him. Cut him loose, and set us Met fans free. If you do nothing for us this year Sandy, aside from dismantling our hopes and dreams, please figure out a way to deal Mike Pelfrey.   

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  1. Wow! That commentary packs quite a punch. Wish the powers that be could see and react.